Week 12: Reflect and Review


Finally, after 12 weeks of prescribed topics to write blog posts on, this is my final one.

This semester I have learnt a lot in the way of how to write for media. This included the different styles, print, audio-visual, scripts, along with the way to present and set out a news article.

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Week 11: News Article Review and Analysis



The Courier Mail (2014) Eagle Junction Accident

This week we were asked to read the article ‘Woman stuck under train at Eagle Junction Train Station, Brisbane’, published by the Courier Mail on the 10th of September 2014.

Once the article was read, we had the task of analysing the article and discussing the issues within.

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Week 10: Picture Story

Practical: Picture Story

Tonight was the night before we boarded our seven-day cruise to New Caledonia, Vila, and Lifou.

That’s why we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to check out eat street, a market with a huge variety of gourmet foods, right next to the cruise terminal.  Why have one mini cronut, when you can have three.

After an early night after eat street, it was finally time to head to the terminal to get ready to board the ship


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Week 6: More Storifying; More Learning

Practical A: 

This week we needed to use the interviews which we performed in week 4 to create a storify story using the quotes and information we gathered.

I found storify to be an easy site to use. I enjoyed using the different tools in order to create a story. I learnt more and more about the different tools the more I made the storify story.

Unlike Twitter, I love the feature of being able to go back and edit your work on Storify. Though I am still learning my particular style on Storify, it is something; just like blogging that will come with practice- a lot of it.

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